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The Process for Liquidating Household Goods:
There are innumerable reasons why a household might need to be liquidated and for many the process becomes very emotional, stressful, and possibly physically challenging. Whether because of a death or the need to move to another location, an estate sale is the ideal solution to help you through these trying times. With AMS Estate Liquidation, the approach is simple:


  • There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you.  Our compensation comes as a percentage of gross sales. Commissions vary, depending on the size of the estate and our guestimation of the labor needed to prepare the sale.
  • First and foremost don't throw anything away! Remove all items that you will be keeping. Leave everything else in place.
  • Sale Set-up: Our crew comes in and works Monday through Thursday to organize, price and prepare your goods for the sale.
  • Running the Sale:  we have a silent bidding system for high ticket items, ensuring the highest possible offer is obtained.  Credit cards are accepted at the register for purchases over $100, encouraging higher average sales per customer. 

We take care of everything - preparation, advertising and clean up. Sale hours are typically 10a to 5p on Friday and Saturday. However, there can be variations depending upon the sale.

When searching for a reliable estate liquidation company to handle your estate, ask these 5 important questions before you make your final decision.

AMS provides this service for you and then sends you an accounting of the sale along with a check no later than 10 days after the sale!

We receive many kudo's from our clients for a job well done. Here's a testimonial from one of our most recent clients:

"Thank you for everything you did to help liquidate the contents of my uncle's home last weekend. My parents went by and picked up the remaining contents and said everything was in beautiful shape. The garage was empty.

We were so pleased with the proceeds. I received estimates from several other companies that indicated we would only break even or lose money from the sale. I am so impressed with your team that I plan to call my attorney, and tell him about my experience. You folks have been first-rate. Thank you so much.
C. Stetson

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Remember to call the AMS Hotline every Thursday for updated estate sale information. Simply dial 303-212-2343.

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