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Before Sale
Before & After Huge Sale

AMS Estate Liquidation worked with a client that had an average sized house in Lakewood, Colorado.  The elderly couple had lived in the home for more than 50 years and had accumulated many things during that time.  They had large collections of items that were stored in every square inch within the house, including closets, crawl spaces, garage and rafters, and outdoor shed. 

The AMS crew had to conduct the estate sale in three separate phases over a four month period to completely empty the home so it could be listed in the MLS and showcased by a realtor.

The home owners had already moved to another state when the crew embarked on the incredible journey to leave the house entirely empty.  It took months to complete, but it happened!  And the homeowners were quite pleased with the results.  Here's what they had to say:

"Dear Nick, Betty, Marilou and Terry,

Do want to get a "thank you" off to you.

It's hard to find the words needed to express in a way how we felt about your "labor of love" in doing our estate sale.  We felt the results were very satisfactory on our part.  We could never have done it that's for sure.

Different friends who came had good things to say, it was done so professionally that they were indeed impressed.

I"m sure it would be a story you would find people would read as well as some of your other sales.

So again we say many thanks.  Thanks for leaving the house so very, very clean.  As ever, V & J"

Photos below are "After" photos.  Click here to see phase 3 "Before" photos.  Soon we'll It's not even recognizable!

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